Operation Blazing Sword's Three Goals


1. To educate anyone in the basics of firearms safety and operation, enabling them to make an informed decision regarding whether or not owning a gun is right for them. 

2. To demonstrate that gun owners do not hate LGBTQ people, and in fact want them able to protect themselves from violence. 

3. To champion the fact that responsible gun ownership is a human right. All living beings have an inherent right to self-defense, and firearms are the most effective means of self-defense. 




Operation Blazing Sword was founded by Erin Palette the Monday after the terrorist attacks at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. By August 2016 it was a registered nonprofit with the state of Florida, and in November 2016 it was granted 501c3 tax-deductible charity status by the IRS.


By December 2017 Operation Blazing Sword had over 1500 volunteer instructors in nearly a thousand locations across all 50 states, as well as trainers in Canada, Australia, and the US Virgin Islands. Since our inception, these volunteers have trained at least 35 people in the basics of firearm safety and operation. Of those 35 trained, 15 of them went on to buy firearms; 11 of those 15 applied for a concealed carry permit.



Why We Believe that Gun Rights are Queer Rights


·  You have the right to live.

·  There are people who wish to harm you because you are queer.

·  Guns allow you to defend your queer life.

Therefore, guns preserve queer lives.


·  Guns cannot preserve queer lives if queer people cannot carry them.

·  Gun rights means that all non-prohibited people can carry guns.

·   By carrying a gun, you can defend your queer life.

Therefore, gun rights are pro-queer.


·  Gun rights are natural rights.

·  Loving whomever you want is a natural right.

·  Living as you wish, so long as it harms none, is also a natural right.

Therefore, gun rights are queer rights and both are natural rights.