If you wish to be added to or removed from our map, please email us or reach out to us on Facebook. Your expenses in taking an LGBTQ person shooting are now tax deductible; see our Donations page.


Please note that we are seeking volunteers to teach people for free; we are not interested in promoting your business just because you say you are LGBTQ-friendly. We are, however, perfectly okay with teachers referring students who wish to learn more to professional trainers and businesses. 


We also encourage our teachers and our students to seek out and join a local Pink Pistols chapter. 


Pink Pistols 

The Pink Pistols is a sister organization to Operation Blazing Sword. Formed in 2000 and embodying the concept "Armed queers don't get bashed", they are a shooting group that honors diversity and is open to all shooters. They work to build bridges between the shooting community and other communities, such as those based on alternative sexualities. They advocate the use of lawfully-owned, lawfully-concealed firearms for the self-defense of the sexual minority community.


If there is a Pink Pistol chapter in your area, we encourage you to join it. If there isn't, then perhaps you could create one after receiving training from a Blazing Sword instructor.